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Concussion Management

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Return to Learn, Work and Play

Concussion Management involves a comprehensive assessment and treatment of those who have sustained either a direct or indirect head injury and are suffering from post-concussion syndrome.

If you are looking for a Concussion Management in Edmonton then Thrive Therapy is here to help you with the most effective treatment plans.

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How We Can Help Manage Your Concussion

We offer patient specific goals is key to managing a concussion:

  • Patient education on coping strategies for light, sound, and motion sensitivity, and techniques to improve tolerance in environments that may feel “overwhelming”.
  • Dietary program for foods and supplements to maximize “brain health”.
  • Developing a home-based exercise tolerance program
  • Evaluating dizziness if it is present and implementing treatment techniques depending on the cause.
  • Patient specific return to work, sport, and life program to get you back to doing what you love safely.
  • Often the neck is a huge component to concussion recovery so a thorough assessment and treatment of the neck is performed. Neck treatment may include hands on manual therapy (joint and muscle movement and stretching), acupuncture, and/or GunnIMS (dry needling).
Concussion Physio Specialist

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