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Thrive Therapy is your experienced South Edmonton Physiotherapy & Registered Massage Therapy team dedicated to providing you with top quality personalized care.

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South Edmonton Physiotherapy &
Massage Therapy

We're Here to Help. Thrive Therapy is your South Edmonton Physiotherapy and Registered Massage Therapy team dedicated to providing you with top quality personalized care and a unique approach. We are different.

The physiotherapists at Thrive Therapy combine decades of experience and in-depth knowledge with hands-on clinical skills to help you move better, feel better and thrive.

Our highly experienced Registered Massage Therapists provide a variety of techniques that can be used to treat injuries, promote healing, manage pain and achieve higher levels of health and wellness.

A practice that recognizes the interconnectedness of physical and energetic aspects of health, combining the strengths of modern medicine with the timeless wisdom of traditional medicine.

A specific physiotherapy approach that focuses on managing symptoms unique to women at various stages of life from prenatal to post-menopausal.

Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is a dry needling approach that uses acupuncture needles to treat persistent pain, tight muscles and to restore movement.

Vestibular physiotherapy is a specialized form of physio focused on recovery from problems with balance, vertigo, disequilibrium and dizziness.

One To One Care

We’re different! At Thrive Therapy we recognize that your time is valuable and that you deserve our full attention. The time you book is reserved solely for you One on One with your therapist.

Why Choose Us

At Thrive Therapy we are committed to providing you with the best physiotherapy and massage therapy treatment possible in South Edmonton.

Individualized Treatment
Individualized Treatment

Pain is complex and involves many elements - both body and mind. We take the time to address the unique combination of factors contributing to your condition. No band-aids here!

Maximize Results

You will be treated in a private room and spend 45-60 minutes with your therapist - 1 on 1. Accomplish more per session so you need to return less often.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Our physiotherapy and massage therapy clinic is designed around our commitment to provide exceptional care. Come experience our relaxing atmosphere and private treatment rooms where you can let go of the stresses of your day.

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At Thrive Therapy We Are Changing Physiotherapy for the Better

Thrive Therapy IS NOT your typical clinic. After working for over a decade in traditional clinics, Matt and Jen Kiesman wanted to create a place where they could provide their patients with a different experience.

They designed Thrive Therapy with a focus on quality one-on-one care in a relaxed environment where trust and connection grow. They believe this is the key to success in managing pain, especially with chronic conditions.

As their South Emonton Physiotherapy clinic has grown, they’ve assembled a team of talented therapists that share the same values and focus.

Our Reviews

Every day we help people just like you find relief and feel their best again.

As I have had previous physiotherapy for an ongoing shoulder concern, I found Natalie provided some refreshing ideas for my shoulder issue. I feel confident her approach will provide positive... read more

Michael Pecush Avatar Michael Pecush

I've been going to Natalie for years. I'll never go anywhere else. She can read my body like a book and fix me right up. She's professional, caring and passionate... read more

Eileen Timm Avatar Eileen Timm

Natalie is amazing. Such a personalized experience and treatment plan.

Morgan Patzelt Avatar Morgan Patzelt

Shauna is the best massage therapist I know. I have severe lower back pain and any other therapist I tried caused more pain in me. she solved my prolonged lower... read more

Fred Torka Avatar Fred Torka

Susan was very empathetic and careful with me. I had IMS and she is a wizard!

Donna Wilson Avatar Donna Wilson

Going to Thrive Therapy is a truly healing experience. Jen Kiesman is a highly competent and empathetic physical therapist, dedicated to helping you meet your goals and live your best,... read more

Rebecca Brassington Avatar Rebecca Brassington