• Women have unique physical therapy and health needs that change during different periods in life.  

    Women's Health physiotherapy, also known as Pelvic Floor physiotherapy is a safe, non-surgical, drug-free option to help manage your symptoms and regain mobility and function.  

    Our physiotherapists Krystal Mangan and Natalie Barraclough are specially trained to work with women of all ages to treat stress urinary incontinence, sport-related leakage, overactive bladder syndrome, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, and pregnancy and postpartum issues.  

    Who should see a Women's Health physiotherapist?


    Any woman who suffers from any of the following:

    • stress or urge incontinence associated with pregnancy, sports activities, menopause or hormonal changes
    • urinary frequency
    • persistent pelvic pain
    • generalized and local vulvar pain
    • painfulintercourse
    • painful bladder syndrome
    • pain associated with endometriosis and/or dysmennorrhea
    • hip, low back and/or sacroiliac pain that has not responded to traditional care approaches
    • anyone looking to be proactive about their health - from adolescence, to pregnancy and postpartum, through menopause and beyond


    What does treatment involve? 

    It may involve a combination of the following:

    • education
    • manual therapy, connective tissue techniques
    • instruction in pelvic floor muscle training
    • neurodynamic techniques (mobilization of nerves)
    • trigger point release
    • breathing exercises
    • core strengthening
    • hypopressive exercises
    • acupuncture
    • exercise

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