• What to Expect at Your Physical Therapy Visit in the time of Covid-19

    The following are based on guidelines set out by Alberta's Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH), the College of Physical Therapists of Alberta (CPTA) and the Massage Therapists Association of Alberta (MTAA)
    Our aim is TO GO ABOVE AND BEYOND in protecting your health and wellbeing during
    the Covid-19 pandemic.
    It is important to remember that collectively we have flattened the curve, but we have not eliminated the virus

    Prior to your appointment

    • You will receive our "Pre-Appointment Covid-19 Screening and Consent" by email the day before your scheduled appointment
    • The online form MUST be completed ON THE DAY of your appointment
    • If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 780-433-5346
    • Please check your patient profile in Jane (our booking system) to ensure we have the correct cell phone number so we can contact you
    • Consider the following:
      • You may bring your purse, wallet, cell phone, jacket and a change of clothes for your treatment, but please leave any unnecessary personal belongings at home or in your car
      • Please bring appropriate clothing to change into for your treatment; for neck or upper body injuries a loose tank top is recommended and for low back and lower body injuries please bring a pair of shorts
      • Use the bathroom prior to leaving home
      • DO NOT bring your children or other family members to your appointment unless absolutely necessary (ie. breastfeeding mothers, parent or guardian accompanying a child who is the patient, adults and seniors who require assistance)

    When you arrive at the clinic

    • You MUST WAIT IN YOUR CAR. We are not using our waiting room and patients must enter the clinic one at a time
    • We will call you on your cell phone at the time of your scheduled appointment (make sure your ringer is on!)
    • Once invited in, we ask that you immediately proceed to our hand sanitizer stations to disinfect your hands
    • Do not stop to remove your shoes
    • We will give you a disposable medical mask and show you how to use it properly. You will be required to wear the mask for the duration of your time in the clinic.  (If you are unable or unwilling to do this we are happy to arrange a virtual (video) treatment)

    During your time at the clinic

    • All therapists will be following the guidelines set out by Alberta's CMOH, the CPTA and the MTAA. This includes proper use of PPE, strict hand hygiene and disinfection of all contact surfaces with products from the Health Canada List of Disinfectants for use against Covid-19
    • All staff will be wearing level 2 disposable medical masks at all times. They may also wear gloves and/or gowns as appropriate.
    • Social distancing will be practiced when possible, but please note that it is not possible to provide in-person physical therapy treatment while maintaining the recommended distance of 6 ft (2m). This is why we have strict policies regarding the use of PPE
    • You therapist will be working to prioritize the key elements of your treatment while also attempting to minimize your overall time in the clinic. This has been recommended to reduce overall risk
    • If at any time during your visit you begin to feel unwell or if you are uncomfortable following our policies please immediately notify your therapist

    After your treatment 

    • Billing and rebooking will be done in the treatment room with your therapist when possible. Point of sale is still available.
    • Virtual (video) treatment will continue to be an option for physiotherapy treatments. Your therapist may recommend a combination in-person and virtual treatments to optimize benefits vs risks
    • We ask that you do not linger in the clinic space so we can minimize contact your contact with other patients and staff.
    • When leaving please stop at the hand sanitizing station to clean your hands
    • Please leave your mask on until you have exited the clinic 

    If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at 780-433-5346 or by email at info@thrivetherapyclinic.com

You’ve likely heard the Government of Alberta’s exciting announcement that BOTH Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy are approved to resume treatments in-person!

There are a number of things to consider in returning to in-person care, as the threat of Covid-19 remains. Please CLICK HERE to learn more about the steps we are taking as we reopen.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out by phone or email: 780-433-5346 | info@thrivetherapyclinic.com